talkin’ tiny: tiny home design elements


If you follow me on twitter or like my Facebook page, you may have noticed that I like to post links to different blogs that I like, artists, photographers, designers, etc. I also like to post different tiny houses that I’ve seen, scouring each one for little details I might like to implement in my own tiny home. I thought I’d do a round up of different houses for you, and the details that I specifically like about them.




shou sugi ban

The Matchbox over at Boneyard Studios has a beautiful exterior, the siding treated with a technique called shou sugi ban. It has roots in Japan, and is done by charring wood, then sealing it with oil. There are some great advantages to treating your siding this way, including creating a rot, flame, and insect-resistant casing for your home. And as you can see from the first photo, it gives this really beautiful finish, showing the different variations in the wood in a gorgeous way. Photos by Jay Austin.



hide the bed

Another gem at Boneyard Studios is the Minim House. The general layout of this home is fantastic, as well as a bit wider than your typical trailer-mounted tiny home at 10ft. But what I really love and may try to implement in my own tiny home design is the placement/hiding of the bed. In the romanticized version of my tiny house in my head, I have a loft that houses my bed, including a pretty skylight and cozy atmosphere. Realistically, however, the last time I had a lofted bed, I ended up sleeping on the floor most of the time. Granted, I was in middle school, but I don’t think my lazyness has changed that much. Me + ladders = not a good mix. Photos of Minim via Tiny Houses Swoon.


pegboard in the kitchen

As far as kitchen storage goes, I really like the idea of having a pegboard for all of my pots, pans, and little kitchen accessories I’m sure to collect and need. I’m especially intrigued by using pegboard as a backsplash like that top right photo, but my tiny kitchen might be a little too tiny to do that justice. Photos via Apartment Therapy.





windows and kitchen layout

Last but not least The Tiny Project! I just recently found this house, and am seriously in love with the amount of windows they have going on. So much natural light! I especially love that they chose to put a window over the bathroom sink, where a vanity mirror would normally go. It really reinforces the idea of being focused on nature. The little mirror that they do have gives me vintage feels, so I obviously love that, too. Something else I found interesting is the layout of their kitchen. There’s just something compelling about the way the oven is placed, making a little cubby for the kitchen, and of course the windows as well. Photos via The Tiny Project.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this roundup! I’m going to try and post more tiny home related posts on here (might as well with all the research I do on it!). I think I’ve gone through four different drafts of layouts I’m considering for this home, and I’m constantly sketching different ideas down in my journal/planner, or listing different ideas on my google docs or notes app in my phone. The cool thing? It won’t be long until I graduate and I can try to dedicate some time into actually gathering materials and building this thing. It’ll probably be a tougher road than what I’m dreaming about in my head, but the results–having a house of my own–that’s pretty remarkable.